In a school with close to 1500 students, the infrastructure and services get tested to the limits on an almost daily basis. Faults and problems often arise with little or no warning and our first line of defence as a small maintenance team often requires outside professional assistance to ensure there is minimum disruption to the school and its’ facilities.

We have used Herons on many occasions for tasks ranging from planned maintenance to emergency callouts for repairs and to restore vital services. We have struck up a very good relationship with fast and effective communication resulting in a speedy reliable service at very competitive rates.

The Herons team are all well versed in the layout of the school and contractor working procedures. They are very flexible when working in areas that are only accessible outside school hours. Planned work is scheduled well in advance ensuring nothing is left to chance with an addition of sound expert advice from skilled tradesmen for work we undertake ourselves.

The school houses twelve boilers in various buildings ranging from a variety of large gas commercial boilers, a biomass boiler, and a number of domestic combi types. These boilers along with their pumps and associated pressurisation equipments are maintained and serviced by Herons. This year also saw Herons take on the contract to carry out all annual maintenance and servicing on the many air conditioning and air handling units around the school.

The variety of work at the school undertaken by Herons seen below is testament to their expertise and professionalism in achieving all tasks set.

  • Install and commission a defibrillator to the exterior of the Sports Pavilion

  • Drains and sewage pumps inspection

  • Pre-planned maintenance of all thermostatic mixing valves

  • Installation of keypad entry device in restricted building

  • Removal and repair of numerous faulty float valves and solenoids

  • Emergency callouts for replacement of faulty pumps to restore hot water

  • Installation of radiators as required

  • Repair of historic problems on Pavilion sewage pumps

  • Emergency callout to replace faulty gas mater parts

  • Installation of water cooler drinks machines

  • Lagging and boxing in of unsightly pipework

  • Removal of blind ends to ensure Legionella compliance

  • Suspended ceiling erected in new reception area

To ensure the school is safe and physically fit for purpose, we need a professional team of tradesmen I can rely on when needed. Herons provide that for us.

Jon Giddens, Site Manager at Richmond School and Sixth Form College

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